Information Technology Consulting  

Today's businesses depend upon technology to improve efficiency and productivity.  When systems go down, viruses attack, and existing hardware or software applications fall short of your needs, you need more than an information technology (IT) consultant.  You need access to an expert who can quickly analyze your situation and develop the tools you need to maximize performance.  

Network Implementation & Upgrades

New to networking concept?

If you have never had a proper network before you may be asking yourself questions: What do I need it for? Is it really necessary to spend money on proper networking?

Well... to answer at least these two questions immediately - some of the benefits of having a professional network include:

  • Share files (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pictures and many other) with your colleagues
  • Share resources (such as printers, fax, applications, calendar, tasks)
  • Back-up safely all your business data
  • Access your work resources and shares remotely from home or other location
  • Distribute emails more effectively

Our engineers will work closely with you in order to establish and implement solutions that will be the best for your business.

Thinking about upgrading your existing infrastructure?

As your business grows, your network should grow as well.
Our specialists can work with you to establish your current needs and will recommend you solutions that will be suitable for your growing business.
We'll plan everything carefully to make sure your network infrastructure is scalable and will grow with your business instead being its burden.

Scalable and future-proof network solutions - this is what you can count on when choosing us to take care of your network needs.

Network Management

NetworksandServers practices a pro-active approach to maintain the overall health of each PC and server in your company. Our support plans ensure that servers and PC’s are functioning properly, protected, and secure against technology threats and disasters.

NetworksandServers can also help maintain, manage, upgrade or migrate your critical business applications like Active Directory, Exchange Server, Sharepoint Server, Small Business Server (SBS), DHCP and DNS, File Server, Anti-Virus Server, WSUS Server, Backup Execution and Management, Database Management, and other server services.